Welcome to Layali

Ever since its birth in 2002, Layali is genuinely branded as Doha’s finest Lebanese restaurant and has been awarded twice by Qatar Today as the best Arabic Cuisine in the nation in 2007 and 2010.

Layali embodies Lebanon’s diverse heritage and its unique cultural historical blend of prominent powers dating back far beyond the 1500’s which has influenced the gastronomy over the centuries and made the Lebanese diet the most popular of all the Middle Eastern cuisines.

Its name, Layali, derives from the Arabic “nights”, genuinely chosen as when one entersits eatery, itradiates the blissful essence of the old Andalusia Soireee captivating the antiquity of the 17th century Arabian nights with its bright golden teak wooden bar reflecting a mixture of its contemporary Lebanese decor.

An ideal ambiance to experience its exquisite cuisine, to its traditional Shisha offered in all tobacco flavors, to its live singer of tareb music, whom plays live the old-fashioned Arabic instrument called Oud and its historical décor, to its impeccable Lebanese hospitality, indeed a divine dinning at Layali is a memorable venture that shall never be forgotten.